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DALTON — It’s Spring Book and Bake Sale time at the Dalton Community Library. Come in on Saturday, April 27 to visit during our sale from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

As always, everything is organized and set up conveniently for easy browsing. Patrons will be able to look through labeled sections without shuffling through messy boxes or tables. There are many books that were bought in a store, read once and brought in for our sale. They’re practically brand new. There are lots of popular and modern titles.

Another specific kind of book available at this sale is those that are collector’s items dating from as far back as the 1900s. They have been checked and in good condition. If you’re a book collector, make time to check these out.

There are shelves of fiction and nonfiction books, biographies, mysteries, audio books, magazines and DVDs. We have had many donations over the past six months, and all these items are available for low prices.

The Book and Bake Sale is cash only, with most items ranging as low as 25 cents to $1. Money raised during the book and bake sale helps support the library and our programs.

On this day, the bake sale is full of breads, brownies, cookies and treats that are a great way to satisfy anyone’s sweet craving. There will be donated items, too, from a few local vendors. Everyone is sure to see or smell something tempting on the baked goods table.

Remember to mark your calendars and stop in. Patrons will not be disappointed with all that is offered and the smiling, friendly faces that will be here to greet everyone. Bring a friend.

Kid’s Crew

The after school group, Kid’s Crew, had a great time gathering during an educational computer coding program that started at the beginning of March. The kids learned a lot and enjoyed their time doing.

Thank you to Miss Terry for her time teaching our group. We hope to do it again in the future.

Any children in elementary school interested in attending Kid’s Crew are welcome. Send an email to for information.

Story time

The story time group had extra fun group times during March, too, while our friend, Miss Bonnie, did special teddy bear story times.

They watched her act out “The Three Little Bears” using props, dolls and puppets. She did crafts and songs with the children, too. What a special time.

Thank you, Miss Bonnie, for sharing your stories and time with our group.

We hope everyone is enjoying spring and remembers to come visit for our Spring Book and Bake Sale. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Dalton Community Library.