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PHOTO COURTESY OF DIYNCRAFTS.COM This DIY Easter Bunny Cup is a great decoration for the kids’ table on Easter.

I always get egg-cited when it’s time to pull out the old Easter decorations.

And I’m always eager to make new ones.

It’s a win-win. Homemade crafts add a pretty splash of spring to your holiday decor, especially the Easter kids’ table. Even the adults might choose a homespun, whimsical look as an alternative to a formal dining table for their Easter feast.

Of course, creating your crafts is even better than admiring the end result, especially if you have a child “helper.” Let your kids, the kids you are baby sitting or a play date parent and child in on the fun. These ideas from are bound to get the Easter Bunny’s approval:

DIY Easter Bunny Cup

Make a cute Easter bunny out of a basic Styrofoam cup.


■ Styrofoam

(or plastic) cup

■ White cardboard or

card stock

■ Pink foam sheet

■ Tools

■ Scissors

■ Black marker

■ Hot glue and glue gun

■ Pen or pencil


1. Fold the white piece of paper in half. Use a pen or pencil to draw the outline of a bunny ear. Remember that the Styrofoam cup you are using will be the bunny rabbit itself. Cut with scissors around the outline of the ear. Because you have folded the paper in half, you will end up with two identical bunny ears.

2. You have now created the outer ears for the bunny, but you still need the pink inner ears. For this, you will use the pink foam sheet. As with the outer ears, you can cut two identical inner ears out simply by folding the foam sheet in half before you cut. Try and make the shape as closely resemble that of the outer ear as possible.

3. Use hot glue (or whatever other type of glue you have decided to use) to attach the inner ears to the outer ears in order to complete them. You’ll use the same pink foam sheet to cut out the shape of the bunny’s nose. Glue this onto your Styrofoam cup. Note that the cup should be upside-down. This makes the bunny more stable on the surface where you choose to display it. It also ensures that the top of the bunny’s head is not wide open.

4. Once you have the nose in place, glue on the bunny’s ears. It’ll look best if you glue them onto the back of the cup. Draw the eyes above the nose, and the whiskers extending from the nose. Your bunny is then complete and ready to display.

Easter Egg Carton Chicks

Create cute Easter chicks from an egg carton.


■ Scissors

■ Glue

■ Egg carton

■ Yellow paint and black marker

■ Yellow and orange card stock


1. To make each chick, cut two egg carton cups. Glue a ½-inch by 1-3/4-inch piece of paper to each half, acting as a hinge. Paint throughout. Take small pieces of card stock, two yellow and two orange, each measuring approximately 1-inch by ½-inch. Fold a ¼-inch flap from the edge. From the fold, cut into triangles.

2. Affix one yellow triangle on each side of the inner bottom egg carton cup. Affix one orange triangle on the front of the inner top and another on the inner bottom egg carton cup. Cut orange card stock into feet and

adhere to the bottom cup. Take a black marker and draw small eyes.

3. Fill with candy treats.

Teri Lyon is a mom, grandmom and freelance writer who lives in Glenburn Township with her cat.